Why an Electricians website does not work!

I once thought that in order to get more work I needed a website, so I took the long road and I started to learn how to code. After a while, I was able to build a website from scratch….

Now, the site that I built looked one of the 1st websites when the internet started, and I ended up redoing it 3 or 4 times… however, once I was happy with the finished product… it still didn’t seem to produce many if any new job enquires…

What I then discovered was

“I confused mind always says no”

Think about it, let’s say a customer wants some downlights installed in a room, and you give them one option on how to do this, it’s easy enough to understand and easy to say yes to…. however,

What if…. for example you gave that customer 5 options or paths to take on how they could get the electrical work done…

1/ You could get the downlight installed…

2/ You could get a powerpoint installed…

3/ I could install a new stove for you…

4/ I would install a ceiling fan…

5/ You need to upgrade your switchboard…

6/ I need to install an RCD for you too

With all these options how do you think the customer feels…

They asked for downlights and you are telling them about 5 other things…

This just confuses them, which means, they are most likely going to say NO and go somewhere else…

This is what a normal website does.

It gives a user so many options or paths to pick from, that they don’t end up doing the one action you really want them to take! Exiting out of your page!


It is now possible to have a sales funnel that walks them through the process….

Let’s walk through an example:

Now you have probably installed one to many downlights by now so know all the in’s and outs, and would be considered the Expert.

However, for your customers, they might have seen a renovation show on TV and noticed how adding downlights to a room, can improve the look & feel of that room. This is the extent of their knowledge.

It is then your job to educate the customer, normally this might be down when you arrive at the property.

Why wait until then!

When the potential customer lands on your page, it is your job to share your knowledge with them in a way that they can understand.

No techno-babble! As, this creates confusion and can scare them off!

On the 1st page, you might have, want needs to happen for the downlight to be installed, how it will be installed things like this…

Addressing any concerns related to the downlight install,

One of them might be they don’t know you so including a small part about you, might address this.

Then you give them the price that it will cost for you to do the job for them.

Once they have made the purchase…

You could start a conversation on what you have found most people need next when installing downlights, let is say it is a light switch so it can be turned off separately to the main light.

You would then talk about why this is is a good idea, if they say yes to this, you could then offer one more thing, that, chances are they might want…

In this case, we could offer them a dimmer switch for the downlight.

The last step is to say thank you for your purchase and here is where you can book me in at a convenient time to you!

This is called a Sales Funnel

You take the customer step by step, focused on one outcome on each page walking them through the buying process. In this case, it was:

1/ Downlight

2/ Switch

3/ Dimmer

4/ Booking

Think about this what if your jobs were already pre-paid before you got there… no more chasing down money for work that has already been completed!

Wouldn’t it be great if the 1st time you talked to the customer was when your electrical company arrived on-site to do the job for them!

Not only that a sales funnel has the ability to produce more customers and sales, with the average customer spending more than with a website!

I hope that this helped explain what a sales funnel is and how it can be a really powerful tool for any electrical business and we will dig deeper into how you can use them to increase your sales.



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