Marketing for electricians starts with knowing this….

Hey, guys, James West here from marketing secrets for electricians again…


Today we’re talking about marketing for electricians and really where it all starts!

What’s the first thing you need to know in order to start marketing?

So let’s look into that…

Talking about marketing for electricians!

So what’s going on guys today we’re talking about marketing for electricians and where you want to start with….

The very starting point is understanding your customers so in a previous episode we talked about Liz and Fred who are our custom customers avatars.

They represent our dream customer, that we want to work with or
they are the ones an electrical business wants to serve.

This helps us decide if we’re making the right decision for the customer so it takes that decision off our plate because we go we can look at it logically. Step back to a
third-party perspective and go okay ask what is best for your dream customer and they make this decision….

Does it help me serve my customer or does it take me away from my customer?

Have you created your ideal customer or avatar or your electrical business? This is a key part of marketing for your electrical business….

or I hope you’ve got at least a visualization of who this dream customer is in your head, a representation.

It can help you make those decisions now!

If you are an electrician, you have the advantage of being able to connect everyday with your customers, and you can use this to find out more about them.


In the online world it’s a bit harder you gotta go into forums, you’ve got to dig deeper….. but if you’ve already got a customer base and clientele that you’re already working with.

You’ll be in the house, they’ll be talking to you and they will be asking you questions and they’ll be giving you…

Their concerns, their pain points and you can take note

Please take note of thier coners because these are the most valuable things your customer can be giving you!

They’re telling you, their problems and a business is there to solve a person’s problem &

You want to solve their electrical problems and they’re going to tell you all about them because people like talking about their problems so this is a great opportunity for you to connect with them and just take notes.

When they’re saying something

“hey I don’t like this….”

Grab your phone phone just write it down or make a mental note…

Just put it down somewhere so you can review it when you go to do your marketing or write the words for your website or whatever it may be.

Three main viewpoints or lenses to look through…

Each viewpoint sees a different part… has a different focus

We’re going to look at the three main viewpoints. View points for lenses that when we look through them. We can look at the electrical market from different angles.

The electrical market is the industry that you’re serving now, it’s the electrical industry as a whole so that includes all electrical work, and areas such as domestic, commercial are some niches of the electrical industry.

There are three main lenses to look at the electrical industry from

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

How can you use these 3 lenses to look at the electrical industry?

Here is an example you may have in the health industry – Someone who is wanting to set up a gym and they need the lighting done and they’re like I need the lights and so can see in the gym because I want to help others get fit…


I want to see my face so I can put the makeup on this is more health or maybe relastionship…. either way ifyou have no lights they can’t you can’t do anything and this is maybe a problem

Looking at wealth, they’re may need more lights in their home because the
lighting can increase the of your of your house, of your asset, so
this may be something you may be realestate or you know a domestic customer.

Then there are relationships maybe they want to set the mood in the bedroom so they want to install a dimmer switch or something like that…

You see these different perspectives…

If you notice they’re kind of serving customers in a different way but this is the way, Everyone…

We all make decisions in purchasing something to increase our own health wealth or relationships..

Pain or Pleasure

We make choices that move us away from pain or towards pleasure…

We’re either moving to pleasure so for example, pleasure would be I want to
get I’m going to get a gym and I want the lighting all the electrical work
done so I’ve got my own gym and this that could be pleasure because they
wouldn’t get fit and they want to help others


It could also be wealth because maybe I’ve got ten gyms and I
need to deck them all out and I’ve got a franchise and this is moving towards
pleasure but…

There’s also the other side of the spectrum where they’re moving away from pain so you’ve got these three core viewpoints or lenses…

Health, wealth, and relationship.

Then you got the pain or pleasure spectrum

We make decisions through each lens and then moving towards pain or pleasure so if
we’re moving away from pain one thing might be in the health area is the
aircon is tripping and I’m worried that my baby is going to get sick because it’s too hot outside


is to call something like that wealth maybe the smoke alarm isn’t installed in the house
and without that smoke alarm they can’t sell the house so they’re going to miss
out on some wealth


Relationships they have a date coming around but there’s no event they can’t cook and they wanted to do this really impressive meal….

These are the reasons why people are going to get you to do electrical work and this is where you can connect with them in a deeper level so I hope that helps and make sense you have any questions and that about this let me know…

The best thing you can do is…
Here are some examples of the top of my head… whereas you can be in that person’s house and you can listen to them when you’re doing your next electrical job.

What are they saying?

How are they complaining?

Think to yourself….”Is the job I’m doing moving towards pleasure or away from

Then which Avenue or which lens are they motivated with? Are they like health
wealth or relationship and this is a simple way to start jotting down and
taking note and we can use this in your marketing to help connect with your
the customer.

Now if you noticed there’s a common theme that you’re paying attention to and that is the problems these customers have and why is that important because our business is here to solve problems for their customers if you’re not solving any problems you’re not going to be in business long.

The 3 areas of problems

That said there’s three kinds of areas of problems, that we’re going to focus on
and the first is:

The industry it’s self, for example, the electrical industry as a whole. For the
domestic side of things is like okay.

  • The electrician never rocked up on time,
  • I’ve called the electrician & he doesn’t answer, I
  • I’ve gotten three quotes and they’re so expensive
  • I gave the electrician the job and he never called me back
  • They the tradesman rocked up and he just left the apprentice here and I don’t
    want that….. like an apprentice doing my job unsupervised I don’t trust him….
  • A plumbers crack like people don’t like the plumbers crack this is a pain
    point it’s like not pretty if you bend down and you see the electricians crack in this case…

So this is an example of the market industry’s problems and pain points and you can use these in your marketing and counteract them so you can give solutions.

You can say

“hey, if we don’t rock up on time… we’ll pay you $50…”


“If we’re not there when we say, to give peace of mind that we’re reliable”

So for each pain point, we can come up with a solution.

& then the next level is…

So we just looked at the industry pain point and then
the next pain point you’ve got is…

Your customer and in this case you’ve got the customer avatars so Fred and Liz we can focus on.

What are their problems…. like so Liz might be okay….

“I drop the kids off at school and all lights aren’t working and I need to find a reliable electrician so I can just get on with my life and then do things I enjoy”


Maybe you got Fred…

Who needs that reliable electrician to show up and help him with his handyman
stuff so he can get back to doing his job and doesn’t have to wait around all
. When he just i just wants to finish the job….

So if you can come up with problems

Find the problems that your ideal customers are having and then you start
writing them down..

Then you use them in your marketing message to connect with your customers. You can then also provide the solution, which is kind of the next step, which we may look into later.

Then the third problem that we can do or look into is the follow-up problem so when you, for example:

Install a smoke alarm or do a job for a customer… usually… you create a series of other problems…
So one example might be a RCD or a safety switch you install for them and
if it trips…

They don’t know what to do, maybe you have the manual that helps them do that or maybe they don’t know how to test it or they’re not educated, which is an opportunity for you as their local electrician to help teach them what they need to know or should know…

Part of this process is there’s a bunch of follow-up problems that you can help


So just to recap…

You’ve got the three main lenses of viewpoints:

Health, Wealth & Relationships

Then you’ve got within those areas you’ve got

Pain or pleasure – You want to talk about the pain or the pleasure are they moving away from pain or toward pleasure.

Then you’ve got the problems

  1. The industry – as a whole you can solve those problems..
  2. Your ideal customer problems – that you can solve
  3. Then there are the follow-up problems that you can also solve for your particular customer

The number one thing that you can do here is…

1/ Capture the user’s questions and concerns so you can use that and start
taking note

2/ The next thing is brainstorm all the problems so you need to set some time aside and just write down all these problems.

In the next episode or in a future episode we can look at solving these, how are you going to solve them and how you’re going to connect with your customers with this…

So I hope that helped… If you have any questions leave
them in the comments below and well let’s get this show on the road!

Start marketing our electrical businesses and finding customers to serve that need reliable electricians.

I’m trying to change the industry and I’m building funnels for electricians to help do that if you want to see the first funnel we’re building, you can visit it at

This is the start of our client acquisition funnel for electricians, where we’re going to be connecting with customers that need electricians and when we do we’re going to need electrician to do the work!

I don’t plan personally to go do these jobs, I’m going to give them to electricians that
want to work with me to help serve these customers so if you’re interested in
this please go to and check it out!

We’ll talk soon

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